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Next Realm AI is a New York based research lab and consulting firm focused on commercial development of next generation technologies such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, quantum computing, and cybersecurity.

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Generative AI Research

Next Realm AI is also focused on bringing together technology companies for development of natural language processing (NLP) and large language models (LLMs) similar to ChatGPT.


Qiskit Labs is a quantum computing research community devoted to the development of commercial products geared around quantum computing, and Qiskit programming language.

IBM Quantum Leads The World In Quantum Computing With The Largest Fleet Of 20+ Systems. Qiskit Labs looks to leverage the power of IBM Quantum platform for research in such areas as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, drug development, financial modeling, and national security..

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QuantProtect is a next generation cybersecurity research lab focused on leveraging the power of quantum encryption and artificial intelligence for the financial service industry. (banks, trading desks, investment offices, accounting, law firms, public issuers)