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Next Realm AI is a New York City based AI innovation lab focused on commercial development of next generation technologies such as artificial intelligence, Large Language Models (LLM), quantum computing, and cybersecurity.

We are focused on advancing artificial intelligence and other transformative technologies by facilitating partnerships between promising startups and major tech companies to foster collaboration on developing innovative applications.

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IBM Business Partner! Next Realm assists small public companies with integration of IBM technologies into their operations. We have the expertise and connections to help you choose the right IBM solutions in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI), automation, security, and quantum computing.

IBM Watsonx is a next-generation enterprise AI and data platform that helps businesses multiply the impact of AI across their operations.

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Qiskit Labs is a quantum computing research community devoted to the development of commercial products geared around quantum computing, and Qiskit programming language.

IBM Quantum Leads The World In Quantum Computing With The Largest Fleet Of 20+ Systems. Qiskit Labs looks to leverage the power of IBM Quantum platform for research in such areas as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, drug development, financial modeling, and national security..

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