Generative AI


Large Language Model Development

Next Realm AI is a New York based innovation lab engaged in the development and research of new Large Language Models (LLM), Transformers, and Foundation Models to better advance Generative AI solutions for real-life uses.

Through collaboration between commercial and academic institutions we aim to bring value to companies seeking to integrate generative AI into their business ecosystem

At Next Realm AI, we're pioneering innovation with focus on:

  • Large Language Models (LLMs): Enhancing natural language capabilities
  • Transformers: Refining architectures for improved efficiency
  • AI Agents: Developing autonomous, adaptive intelligent systems
  • Vector Databases: Optimizing information processing for AI
  • Next-Gen Generative AI: Pushing creative boundaries in content creation

We translate research into practical business solutions, partnering with industry to develop AI-powered tools that drive innovation and productivity across sectors.

Join us in shaping AI's future. Discover how Next Realm can transform your business.