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Student Research Clubs

Expand your knowledge in emerging tech at Columbia University through Next Realm AI's research clubs. Join fellow students to discuss artificial intelligence, Large Language Models (LLM), quantum computing, and venture capital. No prior experience needed - just bring your curiosity!



The mission of the Columbia Generative AI Club (approval pending) is to responsibly advance research and understanding of large language models, foundation models, and data privacy. As the next generation of AI researchers and ethicists, we strive to promote transparency, accountability, and awareness around these emerging technologies. Our goal is to build a community invested in developing generative AI for social good, guided by Columbia's commitment to open scientific inquiry and service to humanity, while also establishing a strong foundation for future Columbia students to continue this work. Through interdisciplinary events, projects, and partnerships, we aim to critically examine the societal impacts of large language models, uphold ethical data practices, and steer the future trajectory of generative AI in a direction that reflects our shared values. Join our Slack Channel

Recent News

- Next Realm AI Launches Initiative for Responsible AI

Disclaimer: Please note that our club is an independent and informal network of data science and quantum computing enthusiasts and students. We are not affiliated with Columbia University or any other academic institution.