Next Realm AI Launches Initiative for Responsible AI

Next Realm AI Launches Initiative for Responsible AI

(NEW YORK)–Next Realm AI is proud to announce the launch of a new initiative geared towards developing artificial intelligence in a responsible manner that promotes trust, transparency, explainability, and governance.

The initiative, with students and faculty from Columbia University, will look to be a cross-disciplinary effort that will focus on responsibly advancing research and understanding of large language models, foundation models, and data privacy practices.

As an insight leader in generative AI, Next Realm recognizes both the immense potential and risks posed by these powerful technologies.

“The capabilities of large language models and foundational models are growing at a rapid pace,” said Tom Bustamante, Founder & CEO of Next Realm AI. “As these systems become more advanced and pervasive, we believe it’s critical that their development remains rooted in core principles around responsibility, ethics, and accountability.”

The initiatives mission is to build a community invested in steering the trajectory of generative AI towards benefiting society. Through interdisciplinary events, projects, research collaborations, and guest speakers, the initiative will critically examine the societal impacts of these technologies and uphold ethical data and privacy standards.

As artificial intelligence continues its rapid advancement, we are committed to taking a principled approach as both the creators and stewards of these technologies towards responsible development that will shape a positive AI-driven future for all.

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With its esteemed reputation for harnessing data and technology to drive positive societal impact, Columbia University stands as the ideal institution to pioneer ethical frameworks for artificial intelligence. We have full confidence in Columbia’s ability to unite cross-disciplinary experts and thought leaders in crafting visionary guidelines that uphold transparency, fairness, privacy safeguards, and proactive mitigation of AI’s risks, positioning the university as the vanguard for responsibly propelling these transformative technologies forward.

Founding Initiative Members

The mission of the Generative AI team at Columbia University is to advance research and understanding of large language models, foundation models, and data privacy. As the next generation of AI researchers and ethicists, we strive to promote transparency, accountability, and awareness around these emerging technologies. Our goal is to build a community invested in developing generative AI for social good, guided by Columbia’s commitment to open scientific inquiry and service to humanity, while also establishing a strong foundation for future Columbia students to continue this work. Through interdisciplinary events, projects, and partnerships, we aim to critically examine the societal impacts of large language models, uphold ethical data practices, and steer the future trajectory of generative AI in a direction that reflects our shared values.

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Next Realm AI is a next generation technology research and consulting firm focused on the commercial development of such areas as artificial intelligence, data analytics, quantum computing, and cybersecurity. Through its parent company, AI Venturetech, Inc., we assists small companies with the integration of new technologies, and institutional funding, to help them build greater value for their shareholders.


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