IBM Unveils their New AI and Data Platform Watsonx, Touting Enterprise Adoption

(NEW YORK)–IBM unveiled its new AI and data platform Watsonx, aiming to enable broader enterprise adoption of artificial intelligence. The platform comprises three key products – for building AI models, as a data store, and Watsonx.governance for responsible and transparent AI. Watsonx allows clients to leverage pre-trained foundation models and customize them for business uses. Over 150 companies […]

IBM Researchers Make Groundbreaking Progress in Quantum Computing Reliability

(NEW YORK)–In a significant breakthrough, IBM researchers have unveiled a method to address the unreliability challenges of quantum computers, paving the way for more dependable and useful computations. Despite their current limitations in terms of size and reliability, quantum computers possess a unique ability to simultaneously explore numerous possibilities. This characteristic enables them to tackle complex computational problems, as showcased […]