IBM Quantum Computer Could Have Real-World Applications Within Two Years

(NEW YORK)–A new experiment by IBM researchers suggests that quantum computers could soon outperform classical digital computers at practical tasks in the next two years. The experiment, which was published in the journal Nature, involved simulating the behavior of a magnetic material on IBM’s Eagle quantum processor. The researchers were able to work around quantum noise, the main obstacle for […]

IBM WatsonX Day to Unveil AI Tech on June 21st

(NEW YORK)–Next Realm AI is highlighting IBM’s upcoming Watsonx Day, which plans to bring together a broad range of IBM experts, end-users and ecosystem partners to share insights and technical experience with next generation AI. On June 21, 2023, IBM will host Watsonx Day, a virtual event that brings together experts, end-users, and ecosystem partners to share insights and technical […]

Q1 Velocity Targets AI Startups with New Venture Fund

(NEW YORK)–AI Venturetech is pleased to spotlight Q1 Velocity, a venture capital firm located in Southern California, that focuses on pre-Seed and Seed funding for artificial intelligence (AI) companies. The company was founded by a team of experienced investors with a deep understanding of the AI and SaaS markets. Q1 Velocity fund will look to invest in Pre-seed and Seed […]